Love, of the unconditional kind

Love, of the unconditional kind

One of our greatest fears manifested itself last week. It’s the fear of any overseas Filipino worker. Receiving “the call from home” at an extraordinary timeReceiving an unplanned, unscheduled call.

That kind of call.

The call that can shatter you in an instant.


I’m not my boyfriend and I cannot imagine the pain and grief he is going through right now. He has lost his mom. The center of his universe. The light of his day. The queen that he lovingly dedicates all his achievements to.

The relationship he’s had with her all these years has been most beautiful. I can’t string together words to describe the authenticity and passion of such a mother-and-son relationship. One reason I fell in love with him was because of how he treats his mom.

It breaks me to see him in pain. But I will be with him every possible step of the way. I promise to be with him and to take care of him.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

I love you, mommy Julita.

2 thoughts on “Love, of the unconditional kind

  1. I love this entry so much — the related posts you linked hit home, especially “My Reckless Abandon”.
    I’m so glad I dropped by your blog today.
    Just as what you told me — I am also with you through all this. It’s a beautiful and scary thing to start over, George. But it almost always brings us the best days of our lives.

    Hang in there. The sun’s already shining on your face 🙂


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