Our company’s dinner and dance was held at the Royal Palm events venue at Singapore Flyer. The theme was “Golden Jubilee”. I really didn’t have anything “gold” to wear. I thought wildly. Why not go as Gold Spider-man (IT DOES NOT EXIST GEORGE, HELLO PWEDE BA.)? Or as C3PO? My research brought me to Aladdin, Egyptian princes and mysterious caped characters. My budget brought me to Bugis.

I ended up buying a shirt and a hat with “gold printing” on it. Thanks to the labyrinth that is Bugis Street.

The company DND had a lip-sync contest. Colleagues from marketing and ad sales did the Backstreet Boys. Lovely characterisation. Overall the DND was okay. I didn’t win at the raffle this year! Boo.

The following day was the year-end party of our dragon boat team. In following with tradition, there was a dance showdown between the newbie girls and newbie boys from this past year. Somehow I got included in the mix and we performed to our hearts content to music by Robin Thicke, The Weeknd, Dawin, and Redfoo. Ayos di ba.

And we won!


Never, ever in my life had I danced and won something for it. How silly? It was fun doing it with mah crew. Salamat guys.

On Sunday, we welcomed Neil back to Singapore after his two-week urgent leave in the Philippines. Even with year-end celebrations happening for work and for dragon boating, my heart still grieves with Neil’s loss. I am trying my best to be with him at this very difficult time.


Here are the six photos.

Top to Bottom (L to R): Singapore Flyer was the venue of our company’s DND, my DND +1 this year was my teammate Monique from FDS, a photo booth experience with my colleagues and our creative director, my teammates performing in a band at the FDS year-end party, a screenshot of our dance during the party, and surprising Neil at Changi Airport with a “welcome committee”. Thank you all.
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