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It felt great that the scary part was done. By the next morning, I wasn’t really afraid of encountering a leech. No thunderstorm. Great weather.

I stepped outside of the tent to help make sandwiches. I also evaluated the camp site. It was a flat area underneath a tall tree. I could see the nearby stream. There were hikers walking up and down the nearby trail. Two of them came to visit us and say hello. After a short while, the two hikers didn’t leave yet. DID THEY WANT OUR FOOD? OUR BREAKFAST?

The only activity was to visit Pelepah Falls which was approximately a 15-minute hike away. We secured our belongings into dry bags and locked up our tents.

Good morning Mari! This was the tent I shared with her and Mommy T.

The path to the falls was alongside a stream. When we reached the top of the waterfalls, you had to utilise these pre-installed ropes on the side in order to descend to the bottom. I had fun doing this!



We stayed at the base of the falls for almost an hour. Mostly taking photos and enjoying all the nature in front of us.


Around noon we headed back up to our camp site. After we packed our tents and secured most of our belongings. This included trash which was distributed equally for all to help bring back down the mountain.



It started to rain!

The hike back down the mountain took about two hours. It was slippery at some parts. I really enjoyed breathing all the fresh air. The temperature started to feel humid again as we reached our original jump-off point. We hit the main road and enjoyed some snacks at a roadside stall.

When I removed my shoes there was a leech attached to it. Instead of freaking the hell out, I clapped with excitement. It had grown to a normal size (I suppose) but there were no wounds on my skin. How strange!

We paid a couple ringgits to enter the Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort to take a shower. The resort has seen better days! Maybe the ad men of the 1960s had their retreat at this resort.



Kap Cal made taxi arrangements and we were back in Kota Tinggi town proper by sundown. Dinner at Secret Recipe. A bus back to Johor Bahru’s Larkin Terminal. We commissioned two taxi vans to transfer us directly to our houses in Singapore for about SGD 20.00 each.

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