A large splash of water hit our faces. It was followed by another stronger splash. My bag was drenched but I didn’t care much. If I was going to get wet, it was perfectly fine. My phone was inside a waterproof bag anyway.

The boat ride to Malpacuya Island was a bit rough. We were a medium-sized outrigger boat going up against the current. It was a great moment as long as I could keep my anxiety down. Think open sea. What could go wrong. Where are the damn lifejackets. We made it to Malpacuya and the waves hitting the beach were gorgeous.

2015 was a great year for the most part. It was a sporty year. I learned how to paddle on a dragon boat. I did cross-training by running and lifting. Imagine feeling insecure about yourself and then finding a sport that improves how you feel about your body.

But the year also had its several ups and downs.

Friends got married. Friends welcomed babies. Friends lost loved ones.


Here are some of the memories I’ll cherish from 2015. Told through IG photos (because I’m too lazy to dig up my photos this past year which are unorganised in different folders whaaaa).

Becoming part of a competitive dragon boat team. I became active with Filipino Dragons (Singapore) or “FDS” this past year. Training four times weekly (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays). I joined as many races as I could with FDS. Almost exaggerating. Someone was probably sick of my face but I kept paddling. I was in love.

Taking my first Emirates flight to visit the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. I had never flown on a Middle Eastern airliner OKAAAAY. I enjoyed taking that flight because it really felt like a holiday! I was also travelling independently.

Visiting Colombo, Sigiriya, and Bentota in Sri Lanka. The people were nice and I had a great time visiting the country with my ex colleagues from Manila.

Competing in my first international dragon boat race in Boracay with FDS. I got to drum on a dragon boat for the first time. It was crazy.

Only person missing is @empiredirt 🌇

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Taking my parents to Bangkok for a holiday trip. Touring the temples and going shopping.

Launching an LGBT resource group at the company I work for. It hadn’t existed prior, so we put it together and launched it in June.

Happy thoughts. 😎 #family #coron #bekpackr30

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Taking my family to Coron for my 30th birthday. Best birthday ever.

Year-round SG50 celebrations. WOW. Singapore does it in style.

Cross training at the gym (most active around October). Thanks to my friend and teammate Archie. I hadn’t lifted that consistently ever. He was also so patient with me. My fear of the gym also disappeared.

On the way to see some waterfalls. #trekking #malaysia (thanks Kath for the photo)

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Climbing Gunung Panti in Malaysia. Thanks Kap Cal for the experience.


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Winning a medal through dancing (at the dragon boat year-end party). Like wtf it happened. 😛

Manila Sunset, 5:30pm #sunset #igersmanila

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Savings! I’m ending the year with savings, finally. After working in my industry for almost nine years… I’ve actually set aside something for myself. It’s not much, but it’s something to start with. Baby steps.


My favourite song from 2015: “Talking Body” by Tove Lo

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