This was my fourth homecoming to the Philippines since I started working in Singapore in 2012.

At this point, both countries feel like home. I’ve learned to gauge the pros and cons of both countries. If only we lived in a universe where we could have the efficiency and safety of Singapore, combined with the hospitable warmth and unpredictable spirit of the Philippines.

One can dream, right?!


Presenting my 2015 holiday homecoming in 36 square photos

Now, a checklist of my holiday homecoming:

– PR508 to Manila – Christmas on Philippine Airlines!

– Christmas Dinner at Shakey’s.

– Heard mass at Tanza Bayan.

– Bought my parents a brand new stove and oven from SM Appliances Center, SM City Rosario. Hehe OFW duties.

– Annual Holiday Overnight stay with former my former ABS-CBN colleagues. This year was Sofitel (thanks Toni!): Theme? Miss Universe.

– Dinner and Desserts with a college friend, Kate.

– High school friends staycation in Tanza.

– Being sick.

– Immigration for Annual Report 2016.

– Closed my old BDO account at ABS-CBN. Visited more former colleagues.

– Trip to Bulacan (Barasoain Church, Bulakan town for Neil, Ningnangan BBQ)

– Paul’s Birthday at King Bee.

– PR509 to Singapore.
Holiday Duration: 12 days including transit

Total Paid Leaves Used: 6 (4 from 2015, 2 from 2016)

Holiday: 25 December 2015 (Fri) to 5 January 2016 (Tue)

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