A to Z – 8 February 2016

I was busy the past few weeks with re-developing the website of my dragon boat team. The good news is that the new FDS website is up and running. The bad news is that there’s so much content to fit into its sections… and that there’s still much to do.

Which leads me to mention that it’s already 8 February 2016! Today’s the first day of Lunar New Year. Hello. Best. Monday. Ever! We have no plans for the LNY holidays other than to clean up the house, cook our own food (EVERYTHING OUT THERE IS CLOSED), and maybe exercise a little.

We had a little LNY dinner last night with a friend visiting our house. We watched “The Queen of Versailles”– about this crazy rich family in the U.S. who became unfortunate victims of the 2008 financial crisis. Ouch. We needed to wash off the drama with a few episodes of Parks and Recreation.


I’ve decided to try an A-Z kind of post. But not without sharing two vlogs I made recently. LOL.





  • Allergies – something I’ve been dealing with since Christmas break. I think I’ve developed an allergy to cheese or dairy. I’m observing it.
  • Better Call Saul – it’s on Netflix and it’s strangely as addicting as Breaking Bad.
  • Compression Run (2XU) – signed up for my first 2XU, but for the 10km category. Still aiming for personal best 10km at below an hour.
  • DBS Marina Regatta – It’s an upcoming dragon boat race in May. But there’s Pink Dot and Sundown Marathon around the same time.
  • Enrolled at Fitness First – Changing gyms in March.
  • Fox’s Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies – our favourite snack while watching stuff on Netflix.
  • Grace and Frankie – the cast is charming.
  • Holy Week in Bulacan – I’ve booked my flight in March. I’ll be spending it in the Philippines with Neil in Bulakan, Bulacan.
  • Ice Mountain (the mineral water brand) – I ordered three cartons of these.
  • Jollibee Novena and Changi Point – Two more Jollibee branches in Singapore. Now bringing the total to four Jollibee branches in the country.
  • King Albert Park MRT and all 12 new MRTs on DTL2 – #MRTGEEK
  • Last Green Corridor Run – This is my next race (March 6) and it’s the last Green Corridor Run before the area goes for redevelopment.
  • Miss Universe 2016 – Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines! Enough said.
  • Netflix – This has truly revolutionised the way I view and appreciate media content in the past six months. I don’t watch cable anymore.
  • Oval – Need to run at the Kallang Oval soon. 😛
  • Parks and Recreation – They added the 7th and final season on Netflix. I can’t watch the final episode yet. I’m saving it for a later time haha.
  • Quality time with my boyfriend
  • Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 – YAAAAAAAS. Premieres in March I think!
  • Sundown Marathon 2016 – Signed up for the 10km (down from last year’s 21.1.km), and running with my boyfriend this year. This is in May.
  • Tanjong Pagar Centre – They topped up the building in January and it is now the tallest building in Singapore. Sits right next to where I work. I’ve been following it’s development (like how I follow other infrastructure developments in Singapore).
  • Umbrellas – you need ’em with the monsoon season in Singapore. 😛
  • Vitamin C – chewable tablets please. Or the Berocca variant, with zinc.
  • Website of FDS – My project with the creative committee at FDS the past few weeks. Like I said, it’s up and running. Woot!
  • X-Men Apocalypse – The trailer is awesome!
  • Yakitori from ToriQ – I can never seem to get enough of this quick fix.
  • Zone – You know, when you’re editing videos and you’re “in the zone” O_O #mapilit
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