Revisiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Revisiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last week during Lunar New Year holiday, my boyfriend and I revisited the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We were last together there in 2012 at a time we were still job hunting. Since then, Singapore Botanic Gardens was given recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Botanic Gardens MRT became an interchange station with the addition of Downtown Line Phase 2 (now connecting the Circle Line and the Downtown Line).

The park remained just as gorgeous since we last visited. There were plenty of park visitors when we were there on Lunar New Year. The weather was also great… not too hot!


How to Get to Botanic Gardens? The park is easily accessible by the Botanic Gardens MRT station (which exists on both the Circle and Downtown Lines as an interchange station).


Amenities at Botanic Gardens. The park is a collection of various gardens like the National Orchid Garden, Healing Garden, and Evolution Garden. It contains three lakes (Swan, Eco, and Symphony Lake). There are restaurants at the commercial areas like Botany Centre, SBG Visitors’ Centre, and some outside Botanic Gardens MRT on Bukit Timah Road.

Jogging Route. We started our jog from Bukit Timah Gate (Botanic Gardens MRT) down across the park and passing by Symphony Lake and Swan Lake, to exit at Tanglin Gate (near the construction site of Napier MRT station). Ideally, you can go in circles around the park which is something I want to try next time.










Definitely a must-see in Singapore because the Botanic Gardens remains free access to the public and to tourists. The ticketed area would be the National Orchid Garden.