Boracay III

In bed at 2:40 in the morning… Left wondering about how I never expected to see myself travelling for a dragon boat competition.

Sleeping in this room are three other paddlers. New friends I’ve made along the way since I started paddling last year.

Honestly I think I’ve done well. I mean, I usually fret about not being as strong as I want to be when I paddle. But I’m happy because I’ve left the “couch” behind. I’m stepping out… Running… Lifting… Paddling… And the best part is, I’m addicted to it.

So begins my 7 days in Boracay. 😘


This is our life. We have to take ownership of it. Some of us give selflessly because it’s our purpose or it’s for a good cause. Good for those who are like that. Admirable.

But I cannot be the Stepford Wife with a gleaming smile and spotless facade. Living like I’m in fucking Pleasantville. I’m a slut just like the rest. I’m not afraid to admit that because that’s not my shame.

I have a lust for life and a desire to be a better version each day. Learning through new experiences and not by what the rest are doing. I don’t want to be Mr. Predictable, being forced to settle down when I know I’ve just begun.

I don’t even think I’m looking for a new relationship.

I just want to own myself. I want to be able to shop on my own and enjoy meals on my own.


Oh where to start!

  • SAVA Sprints International 2016 – March 20/21
  • 2XU Compression Run – 10km personal best – April 3
  • FDS 1st quarter team gathering – April 3

Training for:

  • 10th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival from 21 to 23 April
  • Sundown Marathon 2016 on 28 May
  • DBS Marina Regatta on 28/29 May, 4 and 5 June
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur 10km – August 2016

Upcoming holidays

  • Boracay, Philippines for FDS and with family – April 20 to 27
  • Hong Kong – June 17 to 20
  • KL, Malaysia – August 6 to 9 (for Standard Chartered Marathon 10km)