10th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

We wrapped up our Boracay race on a high note. Bagging awards in seven categories. We weren’t the champions but we succeeded in feeling like champs. I honestly had a very fun race. Nothing beats paddling in Boracay. The waters are just beautiful (okay, full of lumot). I was in wonderful company.

Family in Boracay

Happy to bring my family to Boracay after the race. We had it free and easy. Mostly food and hanging out by the beach. No touristy island hopping or activities… I mean, these are lovely but I wanted to keep it a bit simple. Because my parents and brother looked like they enjoyed themselves, I hope to take them again to Boracay next year.

Dragon Boat Training for DBS Marina Regatta

Currently training for the next DBS Marina Regatta. This will be my 2nd time to join this really tough race (we’re up against many local teams). I’m looking forward to it because… (a) it’s happening with the Singapore skyline as your backdrop, and (b) it’s a well-organised race.  I’ve cleared my schedule so I can train full force for DBS Marina Regatta. No other travels happening this month.

George at Work

There are some changes happening like moving to a new room. It’s all happening quickly. Some other changes are happening that will affect my work flow. I’m excited about some of it… while I’m also worried about the other parts I might not have much control over (like having a new boss soon). But I’ve been doing corporate for ten years this July. I’m used to it! I’m used to corporate culture. I’m also quite happy with my current company. I shouldn’t fret. I know I have exciting stuff to look forward to in the weeks to come. Right.

Upcoming Pink Dot

Our company was just announced as one of the sponsors for this year’s Pink Dot. It’s a beautiful achievement for our OUT team, with the push of our supportive human resources group. There’s much to do. I just hope it all pans out well. We are happy to support the freedom to love.

Finding a new place to live in

I’ve found a few places in Paya Lebar, Geylang, and Dakota. Wow. All within the same vicinity. I’m looking for a place that is a few bus stops away from my dragon boat training in Kallang. I will be moving out by the end of this month. YUP. SHIT HAS BECOME REAL. This is it, George. First time in eleven years that I’ll be living “alone”. It’s a huge step, a frightening one… and I can’t ask anyone to understand that for me. Not even my closest friends would understand how frightening it is for me. But I’m going to do it. I need to.

Plans for the rest of the year

  • More dragon boat races! Highlighting the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival in July (which I wasn’t able to attend last year since I was in the Philippines). I’m not interested in the Aust Cham 10km Challenge due to personal reasons but I will support my team fully. I am trying to confirm if I can attend another international race… in Palawan, this November. If I still have leaves left by then.
  • Cutting back on my competitive runs with Sundown Marathon SG (10km) and Standard Chartered KL (10km) being my last competitive runs. I had a great time doing it the past four years. But I’d like to focus all my efforts into weightlifting and dragon boating.
  • Some travelling like to Hong Kong in June, Kuala Terangganu in late July, KL in August, and perhaps one other regional destination in August to maximize my upcoming summer hours.
  • NOT entering a new relationship this year. ONS done right. Summer fling. Whatever.
  • Taking greater care of myself. Sleeping better, eating better, lifting heavier, paddling stronger.

What am I listening to?

Better – Meghan Trainor

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