Our creative director popped into our room earlier to tell people to leave the office at 1:30 PM. Everyone in the room left the office around that time. But I stayed back a bit to enjoy the peace and quiet… and wrap up my promo for “Last Hope with Troy Dunn”.

For this year’s inaugural “Summer Friday” (where we enjoy half days on Fridays, in lieu of extended office hours from Monday to Thursday)… it was mostly low-key. I think last year we had an ice cream party or something.

I wanted to go to the gym. But I worry I’ll injure myself before the DBS Marina Regatta which covers the next two weekends. Instead I took the bus from Tanjong Pagar to Orchard where I met up with some of my dragon boat batch mates for some JOLLIBEE.

Afterwards, we all headed home. I had some time to catch up with two of my girlfriends… SUZIE and MARI. Gosh. I miss you both. Things are different now.


Ten things I hope to accomplish during this year’s Summer Friday

  1. Take a stroll around Fort Canning Park.
  2. Enjoy a sunset at a beach in Sentosa.
  3. Visit the Fitness First branches in one-north and go swimming there.
  4. Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam on a shoestring.
  5. Travel to Ko Samui, Thailand on a shoestring.
  6. Travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia on a shoestring.
  7. Explore further the National Gallery Singapore.
  8. Play arcade games one afternoon. AND ALL AFTERNOON.
  9. Volunteer for something.
  10. Find a good dentist in Singapore.
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