UPAAS Alumnite 2016

UPAAS Alumnite 2016

I looked at my friend Philip and giggled. “How did we end up here?!” LOL. Thank you UPAAS for the kindness. šŸ˜›

I had an opportunity to drop by the UP Alumni Association (UPAA) Singapore “Alumnite” earlier. It was a night of music and dance to celebrate a common thread among different batches and professions.

It was enlightening to hear about UPAA Singapore’s initiatives like providing scholarships for students back home. Graduates from the UP College of Music performed on their instruments. Lovely to hear that they are music teachers in Singapore. The venue host, Jazzistic Society, serenaded the gathering with “Fly Me to the Moon”. Dancers from Filipino Dance Club SG shared some of their moves. VocaBlends performed a trio of OPM hits.

It was all beautiful, really.

Nice of UPAA Singapore to promote our artistic culture.