Summer Friday 2016 – No. 7

Summer Friday 2016 – No. 7

A former colleague commented “adulting” when she saw a photo of me shopping for bedsheets. Yup! What a beautiful day to purchase new bedsheets for my new flat in Geylang. After work, Greg and I went to Bugis to hunt down the MUJI bedsheets I really wanted.

Damn it these are pricey! I-MUJI mo mukha mo, George. $$$


Womp womp. A MUJI bedsheet without pillow cases costs about SGD 80.00. Add the pillow cases and the total would be about SGD 100.00. Now, get this… the MUJI bedsheets are in gorgeous Earth tones with a chic, simple striped design. They would look awesome on my bed, right?

SO IN LOVE WITH MY DEPARTMENT STORE BEDSHEETS said no one in the history of mankind until I had this photo taken. PAK GANERN.


Ten minutes later I was checking out at a department store counter at BHG. I went for the cheaper “baduy” bedsheets you can find at every department store. Total cost was SGD 29.00 for the queen-sized sheet, two pillow cases, and a bolster case. Kasi naka-budget ako. Budget, budget, budget.

After scrimping on bedsheets, I end up splurging with Greg at the Clinton Street Bakery a few kantos away. He orders one of the all-day breakfast platters while I go for a “Black and White Cake” with a cup of mocha. Perfect.

What kind of green sauce is this hmm.
So funny the magazine I bought earlier in the day was a premonition of my afternoon snack!
Friday afternoons here are fucking perfect! Woot.

I return home to Geylang just before sunset.

And spend sweet time sweeping the living room floor with a half-broken broom.

The bathroom needs cleaning too. I gave it a good scrub to bring the cleanliness level up to 60% at least. Better than 20%, eh?

The balcony is a hodgepodge of broken chairs, dead plants, three laundry racks, and some fitness equipment. Basically it’s an eyesore that everyone is too busy to fix. But I was feeling my groove so I re-arranged some of the things on the balcony. It needs a good sweep and some mopping.

The last thing I did for Summer Friday was complete my first full video blog. While doing it, notions of “why the fuck am I even bothering to do this?” came up again.

But this time I stayed true to myself.

I did it. Shot, edited, uploaded, and published.


Video blogging is a pet project of mine. And if I can tie together my writing skills, my editing skills, my producing skills… and include a bit of honest (though sometimes awkward) personality… who knows where I can take it one day.

But it all begins somewhere.