Photos: Trip to Kuala Lumpur

I recently bought a new camera to support my new video blogs. I love it so far! It records great video, takes pretty good snaps, and the best part? It’s really portable! I sound like an advertisement! WTH.

With my new Canon G7X Mark II! Loving this camera!

I’ve recorded one full video episode using this camera. Check it out by clicking the link. It’s not so bad in low lighting!

Below are some fun photos I took during my 6-9 August 2016 trip to Kuala Lumpur. (please hover for captions or click to enlarge!)

EPISODE: 8 Reasons I Love the Singapore Garden Festival

I had a great time editing this one. Taking you through 8 reasons why I loved the Singapore Garden Festival… which BTW… CONCLUDED BACK IN JULY. It’s a wonderful festival that brings together the community (students, elderly, towns in Singapore, etc…)

Don’t mind some of my sarcasm in the video but to me the festival was a treat. It’s something I’d like to take my parents to. Bring your kids, your parents, bring your relatives. LOL.

Learn more about the event here:

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Summer Friday 2016 – No. 14

It’s the penultimate summer Friday of 2016.

What’s going on?

  • The haze is back!
  • Filmed for an upcoming show on one of our channels.
  • Met up with my ex’s friends who are visiting Singapore.

Not really much of a summer Friday since it was dedicated to the “big shoot” I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. The stress and anxiety behind this particular filming has been the worst I’ve had in some time. Don’t get me wrong… I can do the job. It’s just a little extra stressful this time around.

And I am glad I got it done together with the help of my colleagues. Emphasis on “together”. Because it was a collaborative effort. A beautiful one. Not perfect but beautiful.

The rest in photos because I deserve a weekend of doing nothing but playing Final Fantasy and eating chicken rice.

Acting a little silly outside Lorong Ah Soo.
I was in a celebratory mood. The shoot is done!
When was the last time you had a photo like this with YOUR officemates?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
With my ex and his two friends.
Call time here was 7:00 AM. I came back here at 11:30 PM with friends.
Reclaiming the magic of this view… stolen from the stress of filming here.
Esplanade Bridge at night.
Flags across Singapore at half-mast in memory of the nation’s longest-serving president.

One summer Friday left. Let’s make the most of it, ya.

Summer Friday 2016 – No. 13

Summer Friday is ending in a few weeks. Before we get to #13, let’s look at my original checklist which I wrote in my first Summer Friday entry.

STATUS UPDATE – Ten things I hope to accomplish during this year’s Summer Friday

  • Take a stroll around Fort Canning Park. – NOT YET DONE
  • Enjoy a sunset at a beach in Sentosa. – NOT YET DONE TOO CROWDED
  • Visit the Fitness First branches in one-north and go swimming there. – NOT YET DONE
  • Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam on a shoestring. – NOT HAPPENING
  • Travel to Ko Samui, Thailand on a shoestring. – NOT HAPPENING!
  • Travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia on a shoestring. – ALSO NOT HAPPENING!
  • Explore further the National Gallery Singapore. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Play arcade games one afternoon. AND ALL AFTERNOON. – PS4 PURCHASED
  • Volunteer for something. – NOT YET DONE.
  • Find a good dentist in Singapore. – NOT YET DONE.



Summer Friday No. 13 was spent visiting the Singapore Night Festival and recording the fourth episode of my new video series. Some photos below.

You can find the video posted here. 🙂

Sights and Sounds: Singapore Night Festival 2016 | bekpackr EP04

The Singapore Night Festival is on its ninth year! My friend Greg and I dropped by the first night of the four-day event (running over two weekends). It felt impossible to capture everything all on one night.

Take some time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Singapore Night Festival! Totally worth it! I might go back next weekend if there’s still time.

This was also an opportunity to try out my new Canon G7X Mark II in low lighting. Honestly, I love the colours! See my latest episode below.

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Trip to the S.E.A. Aquarium | bekpackr EP03

I had a ‘fishy’ time trying to produce an episode in Tagalog. I can’t even pronounce “maalinsangan” correctly! I hope you enjoy watching my new video (as much as I had fun making it). ‘Donut’ forget to like the video and subscribe!

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Summer Friday 2016 – No. 12

Sad that there are only a handful of Summer Fridays left. I haven’t been to Fort Canning yet! Thankful for the company benefit but yeaaaaah… it’s sinking in. Regular hours are coming back soon.

Last Friday:

  • 8:30 AM meeting with Los Angeles and the E! team over there.
  • Learned how to teleconference and use the new Minion-themed meeting rooms on the 31st floor.
  • Tried a Korean resto in my own building. To think I’ve been working at International Plaza for over two years. The unlimited side dishes was tasty!
  • Trained with Archie at Fitness First Paragon. Not used to the ambiance. Plus, it felt like Grindr central sorry!
  • Took my sweet time “walking” home from Mountbatten. Passed by this SG51 signage. People not so high on the recently concluded SG51 but high on Joseph Schooling who is about to triumph at the Rio Olympics for Team Singapore.

Summer Friday 2016 – No. 11

I don’t have my laptop with me so that’s stopped me from blogging the past week.

(Going back two weeks ago.)


Tested my new Canon G7X Mark II after making the purchase the day before. Here’s one of the first shots!

I’ll use it primarily for recording videos though.


Went for anonymous HIV testing. It’s something I feel like doing regularly. Not that I’m high risk. It’s only because I am careful and I want to be responsible.


In the evening I went to the opening night gala of Singapore’s pride season, “IndigNation” at Golden Mile. We saw a documentary titled “Strike a Pose”.

That’s all for now! KL trip followed the next day.