Sad that there are only a handful of Summer Fridays left. I haven’t been to Fort Canning yet! Thankful for the company benefit but yeaaaaah… it’s sinking in. Regular hours are coming back soon.

Last Friday:

  • 8:30 AM meeting with Los Angeles and the E! team over there.
  • Learned how to teleconference and use the new Minion-themed meeting rooms on the 31st floor.
  • Tried a Korean resto in my own building. To think I’ve been working at International Plaza for over two years. The unlimited side dishes was tasty!
  • Trained with Archie at Fitness First Paragon. Not used to the ambiance. Plus, it felt like Grindr central sorry!
  • Took my sweet time “walking” home from Mountbatten. Passed by this SG51 signage. People not so high on the recently concluded SG51 but high on Joseph Schooling who is about to triumph at the Rio Olympics for Team Singapore.

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