Summer Friday is ending in a few weeks. Before we get to #13, let’s look at my original checklist which I wrote in my first Summer Friday entry.

STATUS UPDATE – Ten things I hope to accomplish during this year’s Summer Friday

  • Take a stroll around Fort Canning Park. – NOT YET DONE
  • Enjoy a sunset at a beach in Sentosa. – NOT YET DONE TOO CROWDED
  • Visit the Fitness First branches in one-north and go swimming there. – NOT YET DONE
  • Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam on a shoestring. – NOT HAPPENING
  • Travel to Ko Samui, Thailand on a shoestring. – NOT HAPPENING!
  • Travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia on a shoestring. – ALSO NOT HAPPENING!
  • Explore further the National Gallery Singapore. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Play arcade games one afternoon. AND ALL AFTERNOON. – PS4 PURCHASED
  • Volunteer for something. – NOT YET DONE.
  • Find a good dentist in Singapore. – NOT YET DONE.



Summer Friday No. 13 was spent visiting the Singapore Night Festival and recording the fourth episode of my new video series. Some photos below.

You can find the video posted here. πŸ™‚

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