Summer Friday 2016 – No. 14

Summer Friday 2016 – No. 14

It’s the penultimate summer Friday of 2016.

What’s going on?

  • The haze is back!
  • Filmed for an upcoming show on one of our channels.
  • Met up with my ex’s friends who are visiting Singapore.

Not really much of a summer Friday since it was dedicated to the “big shoot” I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. The stress and anxiety behind this particular filming has been the worst I’ve had in some time. Don’t get me wrong… I can do the job. It’s just a little extra stressful this time around.

And I am glad I got it done together with the help of my colleagues. Emphasis on “together”. Because it was a collaborative effort. A beautiful one. Not perfect but beautiful.

The rest in photos because I deserve a weekend of doing nothing but playing Final Fantasy and eating chicken rice.

Acting a little silly outside Lorong Ah Soo.
I was in a celebratory mood. The shoot is done!
When was the last time you had a photo like this with YOUR officemates?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
With my ex and his two friends.
Call time here was 7:00 AM. I came back here at 11:30 PM with friends.
Reclaiming the magic of this view… stolen from the stress of filming here.
Esplanade Bridge at night.
Flags across Singapore at half-mast in memory of the nation’s longest-serving president.

One summer Friday left. Let’s make the most of it, ya.

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