Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2016

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2016

I thought KL Standard Chartered 2016 would be my last foot race. But a friend asked me to join him and his buddies for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. Wait, what? A “Prison Run”? What’s that about?

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run creates awareness about giving “second chances” to ex-offenders… helping them reintegrate into society. From the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run website:

“…great strides in advancing public awareness and acceptance of reintegrating ex-offenders into society. You champion a cause that gets them back on track with us.”

I was in it to…

  • For a cause. “I support second chances.”
  • Run a new race route that involves a prison complex.

The race route was “scenic”… with one dramatic U-turn at the side gate of Changi Airport’s tarmac which was AMAZING. Like you could see planes taking off and landing. And then there were parts that looked like they were from the set of The Walking Dead. There appeared to be “abandoned buildings” (most likely occupied, but I’m describing it like that for effect). Tall walls, tall gates… sunshine, tropical palm trees, heat, greenery and emptiness.

And then landed property homes after one turn. And then an industrial estate. Never forgetting the commercial jets landing nearby. What a sight!

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run was my 20th competitive run since I started in 2012. It might be my last in the meantime. Because I want to focus on weightlifting!


Massive prison complex. Best in class.
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My 20th medal for a run!
With Emman and his friends.
In a world where… only one bus passes by every 15-20 minutes haha.