Summer Friday 2016 – No. 15

Summer Friday 2016 – No. 15

First of all… a small thank you to my employer for the annual “Summer Hours”. For the creative soul, half-day Fridays can go a long way. You break from the four corners of an office. While more than half of the half-day Fridays were actually a bit stressful due to a deluge of production, filming, and whatnot… it was still easy on the heart to know that you could leave the office at 2:00 PM and not be judged by it!

This year I documented my fifteen summer Fridays. I started off with a checklist but it’s funny because I only got to scratch off a few. This year I got to travel to KL for a run. There were less museums to visit this year (unlike in 2015). But I got my fill of festivals like the SG Garden Festival and the SG Night Festival.

The final Summer Friday of 2016 went with a bang. Or sort of. A few colleagues from various departments organised a late lunch at Sacha and Sons, Mandarin Oriental. Quite an atas location for a meal. But the food was superb. Definitely a ‘date place’ or somewhere to spend a great time with close buddies.

Afterwards we found ourselves at the largest Uniqlo in Southeast Asia which just opened at Orchard Central. Hilarious how we got to squeeze in some shopping after our group lunch.

We had drinks at Ice Cold Bar (also at Somerset). I got to play two rounds of pool. We had wedges, beers… much to chill. Considering that drinking with colleagues does NOT happen much.

Two of my colleagues joined me for a night of more skewers at The Skewer Bar in Geylang. Great to catch up with our finance guy. We thought it would be nice to catch a movie so I invited two of my colleagues over to my house in Geylang for a Netflix session. “The Shining”.

The whole thing ended around 4:00 AM on Saturday. It was the longest Summer Friday activity and a fun way to end it.

What’s my biggest summer Friday regret? Not spending more time alone! I’ve become accustomed to living alone. I think I’ve done a good job. But I can do better.