I want to take you to the islands.

Or to hotel rooms in different cities.

Our luggages open. City brochures and maps sprawled all around.

(Because we’re old school.)

I’ll hug you when it’s cold outside. Or if the air conditioning is too much.

Or watch you return to the buffet for a fourth plate.

Maybe tell you I don’t like the colour of the shoes you’re trying on.

Or pin you inside the fitting room. Lips locked.

I’d like to fall asleep with my head resting on your chest. In your warm embrace.

I’d like to feel sad when we’re parting ways at the subway station.

And I’d like to feel excited when we’re just seconds away from meeting once again.

Don’t get me mistaken. I’m not in love.

I’m just starting to feel something again. Like the sensation when blood circulation is returning to your hand, arm, or your foot.

And for the love of YAAS GAWD it’s not about that person.

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