Dragon boating. The last local race of the year is this weekend. The last race I did was the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (SDBF) back in July. That was where I was very upset at my performance… not making the cut for the crucial categories. I was sitting on the bench again and it really hit me hard at SDBF. It hit me so hard that I refused to join the AustCham 10km Challenge. But that was then. I’m good now. And while this early it already looks like I’m not making the cut again for this weekend’s Singapore River Regatta (SRR)… I’m at peace with it. I am giving my best and I am making improvements. I’ve come a long way to quit now. And even as a reserve, I should be damn prepared the moment my name gets called.

Gym. Happily, I’ve returned to the gym more frequently now. I’m also less intimidated this time. It’s like “fuck it” who cares, just go to the gym and do your thing. Sure, there are buff guys there. But really… most of them aren’t bullies. They are doing their thing. So I should do mine. Earlier I was surprised I was starting to do reps with the 40-bar (chest press, inclined chest press). I could barely do a 25-bar before. Consistency!

Love. My ex asked me recently if I was seeing anyone. Not really. I did see two or three guys as a date in the past few months. One was in KL which was hilarious and sad at the same time (read: I kicked him out of my hotel room. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place but it was my stupidity.) Next, I met up with a nice Indonesian fellow based in Singapore. But it fizzled out on the 2nd date… but I don’t feel bad. I did like his shoulders lol. And my favourite date, who for all I know could be reading this… is a Filipino guy based in Manila who was in Singapore a few months ago. Gawd I miss him even if we met for just that one night over two beers. I felt so open in front of him already. Alam mo yun. I did play hook up with a few guys in recent months… nothing sobra… just normal for a single gay guy like myself.

Family. Been so caught up with entertaining myself after a breakup that I haven’t been so active with my family the past few months. But they are visiting me here in Singapore next month. It’s going to be fun. At least, this time I’ll make it even more fun. Kasi last time was a bit stressful. This year, I’ll just take my parents and my brother to normal regular places in Singapore. It’ll be on them to enjoy what they see.

Video games. Yes, a category for this. I’m just about done with Final Fantasy X (that old game in 2003 that I never got to finish). I’m waiting for FFXV which is due out in a few weeks. I dropped out of Pokemon Go. I’m playing Sim City Build-it on my iPhone. I also have Street Fighter V.

Music. I’m listening to the same pop music and top 40 chart you’ll hear at malls and at cafes. Throw in some Ke$ha and Tove Lo. Music has helped me zone out this past year when I’m feeling like shit. They inspire my imagination. I work in creative so music is an important fuel to my imagination.

Video blogs. I’ve produced six episodes for my video blog series. I’m looking at completing ten before the end of the year. I have this mapped out as a “10-episode” first season. Omg. And then thinking how I can make the next ten better. And yes, I’m going to keep doing it. From 0 subscribers I’m now at a humble 27 subscribers. Thank you for subscribing! :*

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