17 Days.

I’m almost there. 17 days before I move to a new place. A new house that is full of possibilities.

  • Start cooking again.
  • Learn how to paint.
  • Have movie nights with housemates.
  • Decorate and hear laughter in the household again.

Last 50 meters. This is when we’re in the middle of a charge to the finish line.

A year in design.

Last Saturday we elected a new set of officers for our dragon boat team.


I guess I am very relieved that it’s over. It was a welcome task to develop and defend the branding of a dragon boat team. Like seriously, I never would have imagined I could get to do that! It was a sweet distraction from the realities of life: breaking up, changing houses…

Thanking my friends and teammates for helping.



Here’s the rest of us. 🙂


There are things I vow never to repeat. Every thing I did on this day in 2015 is something I want to erase. I’ll never dine again at Hoshino Coffee. I’ll never walk across the foot bridge on the opposite side of Helix Bridge. I’ll avoid the Christmas lights display at Gardens by the Bay which I visited that afternoon. I don’t feel comfortable eating at that corner restaurant in Tiong Bahru.

All of these places remind me of the moments that led up to that phone call.

It was a day of independence and celebrating my time alone. But when I got that phone call from my boyfriend at the time, everything changed. I was standing at a street corner in Tiong Bahru trying to digest what he just told me over the phone.

In minutes, I was in a taxi and rushing home to Bishan to pack his luggage. This was barely 24 hours after my other housemate packed her luggage to rush back to Manila for her own family emergency.

Two family emergencies in two days. Our lovely home in Bishan never felt so…

A year has passed and we are all in different places now.


Spinning around.

Mood lately:

Yup. Can you fucking imagine me gyrating on top of a bar in stilettos wearing gold shorts? Seemingly not giving two fucks about what’s going on.

Consider some of these doomsday scenes:

  • Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States.
  • A man with a questionable leadership method known for his “Davao Death Squads” is running the Philippines.
  • A former dictator who stole billions from the same country is now buried like a hero.

Honestly, I care and I weep for my people. For being an Asian American homosexual who isn’t even a current resident in any of the fifty states. For potentially being in limbo when my permanent resident visa in the Philippines expires in two months.

There are moments though I’m enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Like this boodle fight at yesterday’s team barbecue. SERIOUSLY.

The boodle fight made of hopes and dreams.

Or the delicious puto I ordered for the team.

I can eat puto for the rest of my life.

Or that I’m seeing the results of weightlifting. PARTIAL RESULTS IN.

Back and shoulders la. Photo from Mr. Francis Bernardo, our new FDS photog lol.

That I’ve discovered POCKY with Salted Chocolate is fantastic.

Picked the Pocky up at Cold Storage OneKM mall. The sundae pie from Burger King.

That I’m finding the joy in running again.

Thanks for the fun run invite, Mike from Singapore Airlines Engineering Company.

And while running, I’m enjoying the views of the city once more.


And within the city, a new place to stay in the very near future.

Back to modest HDB living conditions. What matters most? The people you share the space with.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Spinning, spinning… spinning wild and free.


The River Regatta

This was the best dragon race I’ve taken part in so far.

There were no medals for me to bring home this time. But I’m happy because I know gave my all. I got a chance to paddle every time our boat was called to race.

That’s me! Right in the middle of our small boat. Awesome captures by Right Exposure Photography. ❤

The team went home with two silvers in two categories under the International Business Community. The team also made minor finals for other categories. Overall, the energy during the Singapore River Regatta was enthusiastic. We were a large team and we had multiple boats.

What to look forward to next year?

Two years doing this and I am in love with the sport. There’s no doubt that this is not just some hobby. I love paddling and I see myself doing it for years to come. I guess the struggle is being consistent and being disciplined. Both will get me closer to the desired result: being excellent in this sport.

I know I still have a long way to go.



Running at the zoo.

Bananas for the monkeys.

Doesn’t that sound hilarious? I got invited to join the SIA Engineering Company Fun Run at Singapore Zoo over the weekend. It was just a 5km route… but with sweet adrenaline dripping from last week’s Singapore River Regatta… kinareer ko yung takbo.

Thanks for inviting me!

I was overtaking little kids and trying to get into my pace. I passed by giraffes, monkeys, and maybe tigers but I wasn’t looking lol. I felt that the fun run was less than 5km. But it was “fun” nevertheless… because seeing the sun rise over the resevoir at the back of the zoo was beautiful.


I have noticed that my endurance has improved since I started using the treadmill consistently at the gym every day. I try to get a minimum 15 minutes on a faster speed setting. At the end of 15 minutes I am sweating and my face looks like shit but it’s rewarding.


Because on the dragon boat recently, I noticed my recovery is faster. I have a little more to give when it comes to load and to reach (given the person in front of me is leaning forward). I think this is because of the treadmill. I want to up the speed pa nga WITHOUT FALLING OFF THE MACHINE LIKE SOMEONE I KNOW.

Am I on the right track?

So I’m also trying to view my progress using these machines at the gym that analyze your fat or body composition. The latest one says that my fat percentage is at 16.6%. I want to get that to 12% before Boracay next year… possible? I should shut up and lift.

Boracay 2010 and 2016

Let’s be fun, fierce, fabulous… shall we?