Running at the zoo.

Bananas for the monkeys.

Doesn’t that sound hilarious? I got invited to join the SIA Engineering Company Fun Run at Singapore Zoo over the weekend. It was just a 5km route… but with sweet adrenaline dripping from last week’s Singapore River Regatta… kinareer ko yung takbo.

Thanks for inviting me!

I was overtaking little kids and trying to get into my pace. I passed by giraffes, monkeys, and maybe tigers but I wasn’t looking lol. I felt that the fun run was less than 5km. But it was “fun” nevertheless… because seeing the sun rise over the resevoir at the back of the zoo was beautiful.

I have noticed that my endurance has improved since I started using the treadmill consistently at the gym every day. I try to get a minimum 15 minutes on a faster speed setting. At the end of 15 minutes I am sweating and my face looks like shit but it’s rewarding.

Because on the dragon boat recently, I noticed my recovery is faster. I have a little more to give when it comes to load and to reach (given the person in front of me is leaning forward). I think this is because of the treadmill. I want to up the speed pa nga WITHOUT FALLING OFF THE MACHINE LIKE SOMEONE I KNOW.

Am I on the right track?

So I’m also trying to view my progress using these machines at the gym that analyze your fat or body composition. The latest one says that my fat percentage is at 16.6%. I want to get that to 12% before Boracay next year… possible? I should shut up and lift.

Boracay 2010 and 2016

Let’s be fun, fierce, fabulous… shall we?