The River Regatta

The River Regatta

This was the best dragon race I’ve taken part in so far.

There were no medals for me to bring home this time. But I’m happy because I know gave my all. I got a chance to paddle every time our boat was called to race.

That’s me! Right in the middle of our small boat. Awesome captures by Right Exposure Photography. ❤

The team went home with two silvers in two categories under the International Business Community. The team also made minor finals for other categories. Overall, the energy during the Singapore River Regatta was enthusiastic. We were a large team and we had multiple boats.

What to look forward to next year?

Two years doing this and I am in love with the sport. There’s no doubt that this is not just some hobby. I love paddling and I see myself doing it for years to come. I guess the struggle is being consistent and being disciplined. Both will get me closer to the desired result: being excellent in this sport.

I know I still have a long way to go.