Okay it’s time to be materialistic AF. Here’s my wishlist… (keyword: WISH):

  1. Apple Watch.
  2. Final Fantasy XV (in the disc format with a box)
  3. Someone to do my ACR I-Card renewal paperwork. Because renewal is *BLEEEEEP*.
  4. GoPro / Action Camera. I’m active in sports so I deserve some love.
  5. Stuff for my new bedroom.
    1. A brand new Queen-sized bed. (My sheets are Queen-sized.)
    2. Comfortable rug to warm up the space.
    3. Pink and blue mood lighting.
    4. A chandelier or disco ball.
    5. A minimalist TV stand.
    6. Curtains.
  6. Ten new shirts. Yes, at least ten.
  7. Five new pants in a mix of khaki, chinos, and raw denim jeans.
  8. Ped socks. Because it’s 2017 already and I still have to fold my ankle-length ones.
  9. A booked flight on a true solo trip in 2017. True = no “friends” at the destination.
  10. Everyone I care about has a safe and happy holiday season.

If it helps, here are my actual goals this holiday season:

  • Serious de-cluttering. Four years in Singapore and I’ve gathered lots of almost useless junk coming from race kits, conferences, and whatnot.
  • Donate to a charitable organisation. Like Oogachaga.
  • Give my family another memorable vacation in Singapore.
  • Finish my work on time.
  • Fold my clothes.
  • At the age of 31…Β I noticed we kind of have fewer friends forΒ some reason! So, it would mean much to tell these “few friends” how much I love them. And when I say “I love them”, it’s to mean it.

Crazy year. #pfft


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