I already wrote a few paragraphs about how terrible the past few months were. I couldn’t find it in me to publish it. It came out as a lethal rant. A burning ball of negativity.

So here’s a better way to look at 2016,

I’m ending the year in the presence of my family. All fresh from visiting me this past christmas in Singapore. I also got to see ourย newly-renovated bathroom (with rain shower!) and a new kubo. It’s our new place to eat together as a family.


My teammates gave me an award I did not expect to receive. I was already up in front and holding my camera up ready to take photos of the awardees. Ako pala yung i-aawardan. Salamat. Working on the team’s branding was a sweet distraction from some of the rough waters I’ve had to navigate this past year.


Of course, happiness = dragon boating.


Bridging my personal advocacy, my company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, and Singapore’s LGBT rights movement with participation (and observance) at this year’sย Pink Dot. I tend to overlook this because I don’t seek attention (I am more comfortable working in the background). But it is what it is. And it’s what we have done together.


Hong Kong with Toni and Ryan!


Boracay with my teammates!


KL for a Standard Chartered 10km!


Penang for food tripping!


Attending gym regularly and keeping fit. Next to regular trainings with my dragon boat team, I attended gym where and when I could.


Finding the right place to stay. It wasn’t easy because for the first 49 weeks of the year I was living in the wrong places. But I am ending it with the greatest company. A house full of love and potential. Yes, this is what I’m most excited about in 2017. Creating a space for myself and my flatmates on the top floor of an HDB flat… sitting on the fringes of one of safest and cleanest cities on this planet.


And a PS4. Yes. A video game console. And personal entertainment like Netflix.


The biggest event of this year was endingย my relationship and moving on from someone. It meant at times I had to walk alone. Eat alone. It meant doubting myself in times my friends were too busy.

But what’s the better way to look at it?

  • I appreciate and value my personal time MORE.
  • I don’t depend on others to do my laundry.
  • I allow myself to make mistakes. I learn from them.

The year was a nightmare. But come to think of it, I gained MORE EXPERIENCE from this past year. From living alone to being wiser in my choice of friends.

I didn’t lose!

With love,


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