1. Write the best content for my blog in years. Goal: 20 useful and informative entries.

2. Read at least 4 books this year. Four, lol. That would be a personal record.

3. Listen more, talk less. Goal: Not be Mr. Know-it-all and Mr. Suggestion. Just to listen!

4. Produce at least 12 vlog episodes this year. Each one being at least 80% informative.

5. Lift heavier weights. Goal: Learn proper form for dead lifts. Be able to do pull-ups.

6. Run faster or with a better/consistent pace. Goal: Run a 10km in less thanΒ 1 hour.

7. Paddle better. Goal: Improve form and connect with coach/captains to correct mistakes.

8. De-clutter. Remove/dispose/donate at least half of my current belongings. Goal: 50% removal.

9. Manage self better. Goal: In the office earlier than normal. Wear better clothes.

10. Save money.

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