7 Movies I’m Excited About in 2017

7 Movies I’m Excited About in 2017

I was thinking gusto ko mag-tipid with entertainment costs this year. I’m fine with Netflix and some PS4. Cutting back on spending SGD 20.00 at the cinemas each time should be rewarding I guess!

Still, there are some films I’m excited about this year. Here are seven of them!


Probably the biggest Oscar snub in recent history. The LEGO Movie was amazing! Who knew putting together a bunch of little blocks could be hilarious. The movie was appealing to both kids and adults. I’m excited about this next one… TO THE BAT MOBILE! *boom*


Last December’s Rogue One was the most refreshing take of the Star Wars franchise so far. If “The Force Awakens” was the dull reboot (they just did plenty Star Wars stuff from the past and repeated it again)… Episode VIII should have more space for FRESH storytelling. And it’s to focus on Luke Skywalker. It’s also to remember Carrie Fisher.


Some nostalgia over watching this in the cinemas in ATC or whatever. Rings is almost non-sense. But if they can do it for the new generation, I’ll be in the cinemas to watch this.


I worry this is all effects-driven. The trailer is the fun part. The movie will be a disappointment. I don’t know. But it reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha (I mean, apart from the opening scenes of the trailer). I love cityscapes.


The one with Rachel Weisz from the 90s is a classic. I can’t believe they are rebooting this already. $$$$$$$ But I’m still putting this on my list to watch this year. Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to age.


The movie franchise that launched the minions! I love the take in the “official trailer”. It’s not the “IN A WORLD” scripting. It’s just about a bunch of 80s music and the villain which looks so interesting!


The No. 1 film I’m most excited about in 2017 is Dunkirk. It follows the tragedy/miracle of the British forces that were cornered at Dunkirk (France) in World War II. Directed by Christopher Nolan. ❤

What films are you excited about in 2017? Comment!