Curious to see artwork created or inspired by the old British Empire’s influences in Asia (and because I also want to make good use of my Gallery Insider pass), I visited the National Gallery Singapore last Friday.

There’s something magical about going to the museum or art gallery by yourself. You can look around and explore at your own pace. In my case, I downloaded the National Gallery App and used one of its features to give me a guided audio tour of Artist and Empire.

I thought I could cover the exhibition in an hour. But I thought the displays were worth enjoying by taking your time. Rushing through it is kind of stupid lol.

There were barely any other patrons visiting on a Friday night. I enjoyed the collection in peace. The docents were helpful when I needed to look for certain pieces mentioned by the app I was using.

Artist and Empire is only the 2nd international exhibit to open at National Gallery Singapore. It features about 200 works from international and regional collections. It is organised by the gallery in association with Tate Britain.

Artist and Empire runs until 26 March 2017.

You can secure tickets here via their website.

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