Thought the year would be “more chill” since moving into a new space. It wasn’t the case! We’ve been tweaking the house and cooking almost every other night. My flatmates even put up decals on the walls. (Is that even allowed?!)

Our new home in Aljunied is coming together nicely. It feels great to live in a house where you can breathe.

January meant the start of a new training year with my dragon boat team. I feel new energy.

It also means spending time with new faces on the team.

Back to cooking!

And trying new clothes to wear.

And saying goodbye to two of my colleagues (the two on the lower right corner).

Going to the national gallery with Joanna. Para sulitin ang Gallery Insider.

And then this stupid piece of history.

Helping my teammate on a dragon boat instructional video.

Find me in this 360 photo taken during one of our trainings!

Attendance photo with the flood.
A new hangout place: Al Capones in Somerset.

Emman’s impeccable layout for… sopas.

Shopping at IKEA Tampines with my new flatmates.

Doing domestic stuff.

CNY with old friends.

Miss Universe with other old friends.

Having old friends come visit our house.

Thank you, January.

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