Got a chance to try Yellow Cab at Citylink Mall! I heard mixed reviews at first. Some say it’s “okay”. One friend said it tastes nothing like the ones in the Philippines. Like, seriously? OA naman.
We ordered the Manhattan Meatlovers pizza and the Charlie Chan pasta.
My verdict? It’s really good! The Manhattan Meatlovers tastes almost the same as the one back in Manila. Perhaps the thin crust could be a tad bit “crispier”? But hey, okay naman siya! The Charlie Chan was on point. Omg. Yum yum!
Β Β 
Syempre, there’s something about the fast food in Manila that is so damn good. But at least Yellow Cab isn’t 2,000 kilometers away na. It’s just at Citylink Mall. CITYLINK MALL. The tunnel area connecting Cityhall and Esplanade MRTs. Very central.
Β Β 
Looks like more Philippine fast food chains are opening up shop in Singapore. Word has it that the Jollibee in Paya Lebar opens in June.
What other Filipino fast food chains do you think willΒ work in Singapore?
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