March 2017.

March has ended.

Keeping track of progress helps motivate me. I can’t bear to see a blank space on my calendar. Waste no time by just dreaming. Put your running shoes on. Grab your gym bag. Take the damn stairs. Run a few hundred more meters. Do an extra set. Eat, rest, and sleep. Have grit.

Best month ever for activities and sports.

Preparation: OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017 (10km)

All set for my fifth Sundown! Started in 2013 in the 10km category. Competed in the 10km category each year except in 2015 (21.1km Half Marathon). Excited!

See here: My experience running Sundown in 2016 and 2014.


I had a satisfying result in my land time trials for FDS. Clocking in my LTT “best run ever” at 13 mins 42 seconds (2.8 kilometers). I also raced in a 5km charity run last weekend. I’m psyched to run during our weekly land trainings. Running 10 minutes at high speed on a treadmill is standard when I visit the gym.


I was planning to cut back on “paid” races this year to focus on weightlifting and paddling. But our company sponsored slots this year. Could not resist that! I am running the OSIM Sundown Marathon 10km thanks to my company’s initiatives in health.


The race route is different this year. Almost in reverse from the previous years. The first part of the race is towards Gardens by the Bay, before turning back towards the F1 Race Pit (where the race starts and concludes), before going up along the Kallang Riverside, and then back down again to the F1 Pit.

Race Route – Video courtesy Garmin

10km Challenge – Map



Race Report: Sports Hub SDBA Dragon Boat Century

Some photos from our first race of the year on March 11! Our boat made it into the semifinals. While our seniors crew landed 4th place in the grand finals.

  • Team: Filipino Dragons (Singapore)
  • Length: 100 meters
  • Venue: Sports Hub Waterfront
  • Team Boats: Four (3 mixed open, 1 mixed seniors)
  • Placement: 4th in the Grand Finals (Seniors Crew), 1 mixed crew in the semis

We started the new training year off with sprints (our usual bread and butter is 500-meters and 200/250-meters). This was the inaugural 100-meter sprint under the Sports Hub and SDBA banners. Normally the first race of the year is the SAVA Sprints but that event has been postponed to May.

I think we were pretty strong given that there were many new faces on the team. The competition was tough. There were no separate categories for the international business community (expats).

On a personal level, this was the first race I did not sit as a reserve. The captains/coach gave me a chance to paddle in every heat our small boat competed in. I think I also competed in every heat possible during last year’s Singapore River Regatta (SRR), but I was assigned as part of the FDS-SAVA Crew.

I felt I gave my best during this race. On the boat were former team captains… the pressure was there. But I was determined to give what I could give.

Photos from SDBA


Honestly it was a stressful day.

  • 5km Charity Run
  • Sunday Water Training
  • Team “Amazing Race”

It ended like shit. So I’d like to remember the day on a happier note. I read somewhere that gratitude helps.

I placed fourth in the charity run.

Akalain mo yun?

It’s not that competitive, but the rush was there. Not stopping. Running at a consistent pace.

And most importantly: Not giving up.

That’s where my gratitude lies today.

The rundown.

Bullet points.

  • Paddling and gym – these two keep me busy and afloat.
  • Beauty and the Beast – not into the hype for some reason.
  • The OA – wtf am I watching!
  • Riverdale – Archie.
  • Aljunied – a neighborhood I like to call home.
  • Bath Culture Foot Massage – something I’m planning to get for myself.
  • Introvert – would like to keep to myself these days. Largely avoiding socials unless necessary.
  • Laundry – the whites that I can never seem to get to… with all the dry-fit and shorts I have to prioritise first.
  • Fast and Furious – a major promo campaign I’ve been working on as part of a larger Symphony project where I work.
  • Boracay – an upcoming race… my third time to join… excited to return to the beach.
  • Hong Kong – also on my mind… another international race that’s happening in June.
  • Real holiday – I’m thinking where to go… because I need some time to myself.
  • Real holiday with friends – a separate holiday that I can enjoy with some company.
  • Whitney – needs to be washed.
  • Final Fantasy XV – keeps me up at night… love playing it… but finding it too cinematic and less strategic compared to the FF games I used to play.
  • Whey protein – in my system, every day.
  • Less white rice – giving this a shot.
  • Old objects in my possession – getting rid of these. They take up space.
  • Me-time – something I’m valuing more. No need to waste time in places or in activities that do not contribute to my growth.