The rundown.

Bullet points.

  • Paddling and gym – these two keep me busy and afloat.
  • Beauty and the Beast – not into the hype for some reason.
  • The OA – wtf am I watching!
  • Riverdale – Archie.
  • Aljunied – a neighborhood I like to call home.
  • Bath Culture Foot Massage – something I’m planning to get for myself.
  • Introvert – would like to keep to myself these days. Largely avoiding socials unless necessary.
  • Laundry – the whites that I can never seem to get to… with all the dry-fit and shorts I have to prioritise first.
  • Fast and Furious – a major promo campaign I’ve been working on as part of a larger Symphony project where I work.
  • Boracay – an upcoming race… my third time to join… excited to return to the beach.
  • Hong Kong – also on my mind… another international race that’s happening in June.
  • Real holiday – I’m thinking where to go… because I need some time to myself.
  • Real holiday with friends – a separate holiday that I can enjoy with some company.
  • Whitney – needs to be washed.
  • Final Fantasy XV – keeps me up at night… love playing it… but finding it too cinematic and less strategic compared to the FF games I used to play.
  • Whey protein – in my system, every day.
  • Less white rice – giving this a shot.
  • Old objects in my possession – getting rid of these. They take up space.
  • Me-time – something I’m valuing more. No need to waste time in places or in activities that do not contribute to my growth.
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