Game Complete: Final Fantasy XV

Just like that! Nauna ko pa tapusin ang FFXV over FFX.


  • Beautiful open world to explore.
  • Changing time of day and weather.
  • Fight system was engaging especially for an old timer.
  • The story was a bit meh.
  • Didn’t feel connected to the characters.
  • The ultimate villain was… not so ultimate IMHO.

Not going into spoilers… but I’m not too excited about the add-ons and downloadable content (DLCs) given the story that happens in the later chapters.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X… Final Fantasy Tactics… these were the ones I played zealously before. I was really interested with the characters of these earlier installments. Noct and his band of brothers in FFXV was fun and entertaining. But I didn’t feel that connected with these guys. They were around to accompany and protect him. I couldn’t see beyond that.

Beautiful game and still worth all the fun times. And slashing my way through. And bringing back memories of playing video games when I was much younger. Highly recommended pa rin.

Review: 4 out of 5