Carry on.

My Uncle Henny passed away last week.

He was the uncle who had a house by the river at my parents’ ancestral barangay. I remember going there to have lunch together with my family. I would look out the windows and see the river below. Calm but murky waters. I couldn’t fathom how that river looked like during a typhoon. Treacherous and unnerving, perhaps.

Rest in peace, uncle.


Last training weekend before our HK race

We had two days of intense training for the HK race. We’ve now increased our default distance to 400/500 meters (up from 200 meters for the SAVA Sprints). I think I’ve done well. It seems the corrections these days are more on my legwork. Endurance is fine (I feel like I’m still at 80-90% towards the end of a program… meaning… I don’t fucking lose composure).

My 2Q time trial result is my personal best at 2 mins and 12 seconds. I feel good, yes. I’m seeing the improvements. I don’t think it’s enough for some people. But I’ll carry on training. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.



I’m trying to wrap up my Penang and KL videos before the end of May. But it’s starting to look impossible because of work load. I’ll do my best to get these out.

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