Tour Melaka with me!

Finally, a new episode! This one took me longer than expected to finish after I had to reformat my laptop and upgrade some specs. I’m happy I’ve finished it. Last June, I went on a “solo backpacking” trip to the heritage city of Melaka.


If you’re having trouble viewing the video, click here.

Photo Walk: 13 August 2017

We had a photo walk along the Singapore River earlier. It was organized by our dragon boat team’s creative committee. I used my Canon G7X Mark II (same as my teammate Dan). Other participants brought their DSLRs.

The flowers of Singapore.
The flags are up in August.
Hey Shiela!
The pigeons of UOB Plaza.
Harold giving me a refresher on aperture.
A random assortment where the bushes are manicured.
Kaptian and Nel talking about exposure.
The weather was a bit gloomy.
The steps leading down to the river.
The fountains outside The Fullerton.
Our friend the Merlion.
Photo walk participants from the team.

Paddler Update: 5 August 2017

What makes paddling difficult for you is the mental game behind it. You’ve seen improvements in strength and endurance. But the voices in your head are what distract you from going further. You doubt yourself sometimes. It’s unnecessary. It’s also aided by observing the smallest things: not getting into the line-up you wanted, seeing someone with less training end up on the stronger boat, not being corrected (are you worth “being corrected”), or being corrected (works both ways)

But you forgot this: You’ve had your best time trials yet. You shattered personal bests in push-ups, sit-ups, and dumbbell rows. You’re within striking distance of becoming one of the faster runners on the team. Your water time trial is improving each and every time.

So what can you do? You keep going.

Next Race: Singapore River Regatta (November 2017)

Attendance Photo of the men’s crew taken on 5 August 2017.