Marco’s Restaurant Opening + HF Reunion

My friend Marco opened his restaurant last week. It’s actually a famous burger chain back in his native Germany. They made him a general manager. The restaurant serves up pretty good burgers! And the ambiance… brings out the birch in you. 🙂

He invited us to the restaurant’s opening night. You can see it in the first set of photos. We went back two days later when college orgmates (Heraldo Filipino, the school paper) were visiting Singapore.

Such an inviting interior.
Condiments and herbs.
Love the ceiling.
Joanna, Paul, and JC.
Look how crowded it got.
Like… really crowded. Congrats Marco!
Trying out the burgers.
Sumptuous bite-sized burgers.
Birch betta have my money.
Aged cheddar cheese and REAL bacon.
This potato salad was interesting…
Kay married Kuya Marthy. Kuya Marthy was my first editor in university.
A Heraldo Filipino reunion indeed. We span the 2002-2005 era.
Ate Leona, Joanna, and Kay.
The features section.
Catching up with Jaynie!


Hans Im Gluck is now open at 362 Orchard Road (next to Shaw Lido). They will be opening in Boat Quay and Raffles Place soon. 🙂

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