We had a turnover of duties earlier for my dragon boat team. I’ve been elected again as the creative officer (after taking one year off to focus on my paddling technique).

I was looking for a passion project and I thought helping out one more time with my dragon boat team would be fun. It will be challenging. But I have a year’s experience already as an officer so I’m entering it calmly. Not overly ambitious over anything. I just want to get to work. Get some creative stuff done. Work with teammates in documenting what will be our team’s tenth year.

You can say that I’m chill about it.

I feel the stakes are obviously higher with the other roles in the management committee. I’m here to support where and when I can. And to focus on individual strength and endurance next year. I’ll be paddling less. I think three years paddling has been okay.

The 2018 Management Committee of FDS.
Turnover with the outgoing officers.
The 2017 and 2018 management committees.

I am thankful for those who elected me into the position for a 2nd time.

I hope I won’t let you down.

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