I took some time to visit Changi Beach and do some planespotting. However, the planes were descending from the south. This meant my vantage point were the departures. By the time the planes were above Changi Beach, they would be pretty high up.

Waiting at the bus stop. A view of the school across the street.
Taking the bus from Simei MRT station.
Eastpoint Mall in Simei.
Taking Bus 9 to get to Changi Beach.
Alighting and feeling the breeze on my face.
Only three buses call here.
Nice and easy at the beach.
I love the sound of the waves.
Changi Beach wall.


An SQ flight departing Singapore.
It disappears up into the horizon.
The sea wall at Changi Beach.
Low Aircraft Flying Nearby.
Another flight that just departed Singapore.
OBikes in the vicinity.
Looking out to sea.
Towards the sea.
Quiet parts.
On the radar.


Fences at the edge of Changi Airport.
Parking area.
#MobikeSG at Changi Beach
Peace and Quiet.
Where is everybody else?
Another flight departing from Singapore.
An SQ flight takes to the air.
Changi Beach Park.
A way out.
Looking up at a 747.
A park bench for you and I.
Above and higher than.

Changi Beach was surprisingly very calm and beautiful. Not at all crowded. There was a cool breeze coming from the shore. You can spot Pulau Tekong where the SAF do training. It’s lovely to bike along this route. It’s an extreme opposite of the Christmas crowds in Orchard Road.

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