The call time was at 3:45 PM. I reached on time (I was with my friend Br). There was a large gathering at Wave House. The boats were starting to be carried down to the water. I started to apply sunblock while waiting for some instructions.

In total, there were about six or seven boats in the water. I got to join a boat with other experienced paddlers. I managed to not get myself into the rookie session since I already did the Country of Origin (COO) last year. Thankful I could already jump into the regular training session.

The weather was fine for my first OC training with Va’a Team France. But the water seemed to be a bit dirty (as what I was hearing from the others). Our program was shorter distances towards “the barrels” or something like that. Basically, we would paddle out from Siloso Beach and towards Tanjong Beach (passing by Palawan Beach). We did a few loops… back and forth.

Since I normally paddle on a dragon boat, my developed side is on the right. I am confident when I get to paddle on the right. But when they call the command to swap sides… I struggle with the form on the left. I did make some splashes.

Afterwards… the steers behind me and even one of the trainers said that I wasn’t too bad. I had good form. It’s kind of rare I hear that lol. I’m excited to go train again.



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