Zumba, Salmon, and… Oily Barbecue!

Zumba, Salmon, and… Oily Barbecue!

I went for Zumba earlier! Hilarious. I wanted to cover up the first memory I have of zumba a few years ago. So… THIS. A wonderful session at 100AM. Some people have two left feet. I have about five left feet.

*Flaps arms up and down* WAZZZZUP.

Afterwards… magpaka-healthy naman tayo. I went for my favorite mentaiko salmon at Salmon Samurai. But instead of the usual brown rice. I went for a bed of lettuce. OMG. Walang lasa. I gotta get used to it if I want to destroy my belly fat FINALLY.

I got a message from my friend AR that she needed someone to talk to or hang out with. I was quite worried. So I took the first plane out to Geylang to meet her at Barbecue Box.

Buti na lang sa BBQ Box. Because. Well. BECAUSE lang.

She was with me during some of my darkest moments in the past few months. So I know how it feels to have that need to meet someone or to see someone to vent out. I’m glad she shared her story with me. AR, if you’re reading this… I’ll be there for you. 🙂

Ah, yes. The bus ride back to my place in Tiong Bahru.

It so happened to be a BUS 63. The same bus I’d take to get to my old place. And here I am… heading the opposite direction.

xoxo, GEORGE