A slice through the week – 02

A slice through the week – 02

It was NOT a stellar week. I guess it’s time to face the music. But I’m going to face it with as much grace as possible. I’ll give it my best. I hope to talk more about it soon. I’m just in the clouds still.

Some activities this past week.

Singapore Airlines had a road show pop-up at Tanjong Pagar Centre. I managed to visit their A380 set-up. I’m in the business class booth (pictured above).

This is the first DBS Marina Regatta that I’m not racing in. I lended my trusty paddle to my teammate CE. All the best, CE! May you paddle with all of your heart.

Here’s the poster my friend NE and I designed for the team.

This is an awfully framed shot of our table. But it’s basically a Korean BBQ dinner with some of the Filipinos at my current company. Great to catch-up with them.

Kinda shows how I feel these days… the photo above. Look at how clean Singapore is. Look at how organized and well-planned everything looks like in the photo. My weary phone giving you that poor light effect. This is the Singapore I know today.

Notwithstanding, I still went for outrigger canoeing at Sentosa on Saturday. We paddled all the way out to St. John’s Island until we quickly turned around as a thunderstorm engulfed Singapore. It was kind of scary. But WTH. Felt good to paddle. I understand I wasn’t in my best form at all. The waves were very strong.

The weather in Singapore this past weekend.

You can never go wrong with a few sticks of Old Chang Kee. I count FOUR.

And a piping hot bowl of laksa on a rainy day.

Here I am again with AR. We played Overcooked on my PS4. She came to visit my house for the first time here in Bukit Merah. I showed her a view of Normanton Park from my floor’s open area. It made me very sentimental. Because “Normanton Park”, where she used to live many years ago… was filled with memories so lovely and so simple. It now feels like a lifetime away. 😦

Here’s my friend CO choosing his Heaven and Earth iced tea drink for SOLO.

SOLO… the 2nd standalone Star Wars film. Loved it.


The general feeling now is that of uneasiness. But I’m going to embrace it and embrace whatever changes are coming soon for me. There’s just so much emotion running through my veins right now.

xoxo, George