There have been sweet hellos in recent months. But there are also some farewells.

Earlier we had a farewell dinner for Er (girl next to me in the photo), who has been working across the corridor as part of the business news channel. She’s moving to Canada with her husband. I remember meeting them when they were still girlfriend and boyfriend. Her husband and my ex share the same name. “Your Neil or my Neil?”

Meanwhile both Ly and Lo (that’s LyLo!) have big things going on in their own lives recently. I mean look at us… it’s the middle of 2018 (I’ve known them for four years) and our topic earlier was tax clearance, banking, marriage, and migration. We’re headed in the direction of Titas of Manila. Only thing missing would be happy hour Prosecco.

Er, I wish you and your husband a wonderful new chapter in Toronto. ❤

The last five weeks

A whirlwind of a month (June 2018). Concluding it with something I’m proud of. I put myself in a room filled with many gay men. I’m not talking about a sauna. I’m talking about volunteering for a local organization that helps fight the stigma against HIV/AIDS.

Here’s our group shot from last Saturday at our induction.

The last five weeks in photos…

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