A whirlwind of a month (June 2018). Concluding it with something I’m proud of. I put myself in a room filled with many gay men. I’m not talking about a sauna. I’m talking about volunteering for a local organization that helps fight the stigma against HIV/AIDS.

Here’s our group shot from last Saturday at our induction.

The last five weeks in photos…


Pasar Malam at Geylang Serai. Less magical this time. I mean, at one point it was just a fantastic adventure into the tents. This year’s felt like an ordeal because the group we were in was kind of a hodgepodge of personalities lol.

Mustering the courage to return to my dragon boat team and help with the coverage for its biggest annual event “Isang Bangkang Malaya”.

It’s an attempt. I think I did well naman.

Learning that even Milk Tea can be ordered using these panels.

I had a heart-to-heart with a teammate, a straight one. He’s going through some shit himself but he’s totally just quiet and cool about it. I wish I could be like him… but seriously though…

A friend invited me to experience an onsen with him. It was a first time. And glad I did it! I now have less inhibitions.

Here I am with Kap Kevin. Basically he’s my mentor on the team but I hate to put him on a pedestal lol ang weird siguro. We’re sharing beers and a quick chat about our team’s design stuff.

Great to catch up with an acquittance I made during the whole OUT@nbcu gig I had a few years ago. He’s now working for a tech company that specializes in building people’s careers. Here we are after enjoying ice cream.

Remy has been a nice guy and brought me to visit the SingTel Recreation Club one night to see people dancing bachata. What a night to be in a room with so many dancers!

Probably the one item that’s “out of the box” the last five weeks. I went on a pilgrimage to hunt for the Yoda statue at LucasFilm’s studios in Singapore. Eventually found it in a garden and… well… like “true” to life (lol)… quite small.

Incredible that the flight path of the famous helicopter trio that carries the country’s flag has a practice path that flies over Bukit Merah.

And speaking of Bukit Merah… a great time bonding with my flatmates over pizza and jenga. And Overcooked.

And by adding new rules to my jenga collection. Thank gawd the last rules added were from 2016.

A lazy Sunday afternoon working on design elements for the team.

Finishing the Isang Bangkang Malaya e-magazine with the help of my committee mates.

Hanging out at JC, Cass, and Joanna’s…. VR fun and chit-chat.

Then… the office lunches. Don Don Donki.

Releasing the e-magazine. FINALLY.

Hari Raya celebration in the office.

Starting my farewells. 😦 

Socials night at Joanna’s office which is a co-working space.

Hitting the gym again on a summer Friday.

Accompanying a fb for his HIV testing. lol what

Pasalubongs from a friend’s NZ trip.

Revisting old haunts like this one at Lucky Plaza.

Mid-year meeting with my committee.

Taking Ulrike (rightmost) out for satay!

H&M Orchard late night moments with Arleen.

Catching up with Peepo! My college classmate. And confessing to him that I was head over heels over his college best friend. LOL — nothing to lose. 14 years has passed!

Saying farewell to our 1st Half 2018 interns.

This sudden TOKYO PARK pop-up in the middle of Tanjong Pagar.

Jogging with Joanna.

Joanna’s pasta and wine.

And this snobbish cat downstairs from my block.


June 2018… definitely something.


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