I’m not sure if I am lost for words right now. But I will give it a shot.

The past few months has been quite a rollercoaster. I left my job as a producer to pursue something new. I started putting myself out there again… eventually meeting PJ which is probably one of the most beautiful and surprising things recently. I moved houses. I’ve taken some “free” classes on digital marketing and TV writing… with an idea to take paid classes in marketing, content creation, and arts once employed again. I’m thinking if I’m going to continue dragon boating… or start pursuing other frustrations like dance or weightlifting.

I’ve learned to let go of old friendships (some of which aren’t really friendships at all, more acquaintances). At 33, I really don’t need to collect friends. I can collect contacts for my career development or for pursuing passions like videography, film, photography.

I’m after quality interactions now. Or rekindling friendships. Reconnecting with people that matter. Cutting the excess out. Throwing out half of my things and keeping only the valuable stuff.

This really is a time for transition. I’m starting to care less and less of what people think. I’d like to live things on my own terms now. I’m not afraid to experiment. I like this feeling of taking the leap. It’s a luxury I know I have (I’m aware not everyone has this freedom to move, freedom to pursue their dreams like a 6th grader writing about wanting to be an astronaut).


How is my job search?

Until an employment pass is secured, the search continues. I have been searching for the past three months. I’ve had several conversations. Some say I’m overqualified for a role. Others think I’m missing a few pieces. One start-up would be exciting to work for… and yet they don’t have a quota for me (at least not yet).

Am I content that I tried my best to secure a job?

I think I did good. I didn’t go down the desperate path because it would go against why I left in the first place. I’m not desperate for a job, I’m desperate for the right role where I’ll grow and learn something new.

I want to produce content that inspires. Or content where I’m learning new tricks. These could be working or writing for clients. Working in a boutique video production house.

The excitement is in the content marketing space. I really hope I can lock something in that area. I plan to take classes. I want to network and learn from industry leaders.


I need to write more.