For the past two months, there’s no difference really between a weekday and a weekend.

11:00 AM – Wake up.
11:30 AM – Get up.
12:45 PM – Get up from bed.
1:10 PM – What’s for lunch?
2:20 PM – Should I shower or just head over to the hawker centre downstairs?
2:45 PM – One Hokkien Mee, the $4 one…
3:30 PM – Shower
4:00 PM – Check emails… LOL

I’ve cut my budget and spending. But I won’t scrimp on food.

Biglang… $7.00 PAD THAI ANYONE?!


What have I accomplished? Here’s a very partial list.

  • Interviews with potential employers.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Balikbayan box – sent one home.
  • Cleaned my room of clutter.
  • Started cooking again.
  • Reading “Crazy Rich Asians”.

What have I not accomplished?

  • I froze my gym membership because I thought I could be active by running at park connectors and joining my dragon boat trainings. NOPE.
  • I thought I could get around to editing a backlog of video blogs. NOT HAPPENING.

The truth is… my resources are drying up.

It’s a reality I’m facing as I’m in my third month of unemployment. I can’t splurge on anything right now. I think three times before buying something. But like I said earlier, I won’t scrimp on food.


Here are some scenes lately:

Alison’s farewell. She’s moving to Hong Kong.

ALSO… we’re watching RPDR!

We both finished Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. Hooray!

He is on leave for two weeks. Sakto. We are spending time together. Legit quality time! πŸ™‚

Here he is… starring in a GIF!



“Nakaupo ka nanaman?”



George Sig

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