Here are five areas I want to work on in 2019.

  • Fitness and Attitude.
  • Career Progression.
  • Best Savings Ever.
  • Best Partner Ever.
  • Family.

I think each of them are self-explanatory. Maybe the fifth one “family” is more on being available to listen or help out when my immediate family needs it. Every year, we visit a different southeast Asian country. Remaining on our list would be Laos and Indonesia. We might skip those and try Taiwan this year.


I spent the new year at home in Cavite. I wasn’t planning to go home for the holiday season in 2018 since I just started a new job. I’m still in recovery mode for expenses during my time between jobs. I’m thankful I have a new job (a kick-ass one)… but I’m also very cautious of expenses since there are many uncertainties. It’s not a permanent role and it’s a new area for me that I’m still learning more about. I love it so much and I’ll save that for another post.

PJ and I went to Vietnam for Christmas. I know it sounds weird that I’m talking about saving money and here we are spending it overseas. Ho Chi Minh City was a far cheaper alternative to Bangkok which was what I wanted to do originally. I felt we deserved to end the year somewhere foreign. It’s like a celebration of sorts. That somehow in 2018 I picked up the pace. I didn’t just survive the year. I managed to thrive.