Overcoming obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles.

It’s almost the end of January 2019.

I set a goal of achieving 50km in kilometers run for this month. I think it’s a conservative distance compared to some of my fellow dragon boat teammates. I bet they record three or four times more than that in a month. With three days left this month, I’m about 10km shy of hitting the goal. I think I’ve done good and set a personal record for consistent running.

That consistency in running (3x weekly) really helped out during my first Spartan experience last Saturday. There were 20 obstacles along the 5km route around Singapore National Stadium. I think I did fairly well in all portions involving endurance. However, if it had to do with upper body strength and legwork… I could use some improvement. It was memorable because years and years of racing (running and paddling)… I hadn’t experienced an obstacle course yet. I want to do it again and see how I measure up.

Measurement is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE factor with my current role at a tech company. I’m excited about learning new things but I will admit it’s a steep learning curve. Here I go again. It’s about silencing any doubt I have about myself. I’m doing what I can to understand and improve. I really want to get to writing again. I feel I don’t write enough.

What I have enough of lately are blessings in love and in home affairs. I’m stable there and I kinda have two places to live at. One in Bukit Merah. And another at my boyfriend’s house in Tampines West. Things are steady on that front. We recently travelled to Ho Chi Minh City and Ipoh. Two very different cities. I enjoy every minute I have with PJ.

Now what obstacles are we talking about?

Savings. This is crucial this year as I am not in a permanent position. How do I overcome this? By cutting costs. By tracking every dollar spent.

Dragon boating. I’ve decided at the end of January that I will be taking a step back. I love paddling so much. How do I overcome quitting? I will take this time to step back and step away so I can focus on learning new skills. Perhaps I can develop my body through other disciplines like canoeing, weightlifting, dancing… I don’t know. Basta new.

Career stability. It’s not a permanent role and I will definitely seek or fight for something that is stable. I love my new and current role. But I also have to prepare for that #nextplay should it happen. I have to think forward. How do I overcome? Preparation and savings.