We managed to get two projects out the door this past week. It was the good kind of stressful. Stressful because I didn’t possess all the knowledge behind processes, links, and content. But I am hungry for learning more.


Earlier I had an emotional relapse… honestly don’t know what’s a word to describe it. PJ was talking to me about an Instagram story he saw of a friend of mine. And that this IG story may have featured someone I have tried to delete from existence. For some reason it got me triggered. I started thinking about how I have left my dragon boat team. I started thinking about how my friendships with people have been affected. It started a chain reaction that made me want to just scream.

PJ ended up cooking pork adobo for me past midnight.

We saw Star Trek: Discovery S2E02. PJ falls asleep halfway through it. I wash the dishes and take out the trash at 3:30 in the morning. And I’m writing this blog entry to kick-off a month-long content creation run.

  • At least 1 blog entry per day
  • Two articles owed on the platform I work for
  • Two vlog entries owed on Bekpackr
  • Ramping up content for a project I have with PJ


I’m a hurricane.

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