One of the things that bring joy is when I get to host a friend who is visiting Singapore. Nothing beats catching up with someone who has known you for over a decade. The conversations are boundless almost. Liv and I couldn’t stop chatting. And meeting her for one or two nights was simply NOT ENOUGH.


Liv was in town with her family for a dance competition. Glad to have hosted Liv by taking her to a new foodie haunt: Noodle Man in Chinatown. Which serves really great fried rice and handmade noodle dishes. It’s right besides the famous food strip in Chinatown.


For nightcap we went to the Screening Room at Club Street which was pretty packed. Thanks to Quandoo I secured a reservation ahead of time. We had a beautiful view of Singapore’s CBD area. I think this isn’t frequented much by tourists so it was great to take Liv and family up the flights of stairs to see the city lights.


Liv, I miss you and wish we could hang out more in the future. ❀


George’s hosting recommendations:

❀ DINNER IN CHINATOWN? Try Noodle Man. Order the minced pork in noodle dish.

❀ NIGHTCAP NEAR CHINATOWN? Try the Screening Room. Enjoy an Old Fashioned.

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