Bulalo in Bugis, anyone?

Leslie’s Restaurant is in Singapore!

Leslie’s Restaurant (Filipino restaurant) opened in Singapore quite some time ago. But it was only recently that I got to visit the restaurant to try some tasty Filipino food.

It’s located on the first level across the national library. Can’t miss it!

Location. Leslie’s Restaurant is located at 420 North Bridge Road right opposite the National Library of Singapore. The closest MRT station is Bugis. It’s on the first level and it’s facing the National Library so you can’t miss its signature green signage.

I tend to order too much when faced with Filipino food.

Menu. They have a standard turo-turo menu which you can normally find at other Filipino food stalls at Lucky Plaza. Leslie’s back home is known more as a sit-down restaurant instead of a turo-turo. They made it OFW-friendly I suppose. By providing combo meals for “meat + veg”.

I think we over-ordered?

Ambiance. Obviously there’s no tiny volcano within an ancient crater lake as a dramatic backdrop while in Singapore. So it’s nothing like the Leslie’s in Tagaytay, that I can tell you! It feels more like a bistro. They have a shelf with Filipino food products. It’s pretty straightforward. I do enjoy the Philippine decor on the walls.

A simple setup for a famous bulalo restaurant back home.
Pick up some of your Filipino snack faves here.
Cozy and comfortable seating for everyone.

So, hit me with George’s Review.

I’ll start off with the regular Filipino dishes.

We managed to have kare-kare, adobo, veggies. While these did taste delicious (maybe a little salty for others)… I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them from the cheaper combos you’d find at Kabayan in Lucky Plaza.

Meaning, you can get the same home-cooked taste at almost half the price while at Lucky Plaza. I’m sure Leslie’s Restaurant is more of a brand presence here than for taste.

(UPDATE) Now to the main course, the bulalo.

We ordered this on a return visit. We got the Bulalo Special (SGD 30.00) which is promoted as good for 4-5 people but only comes with two cups of rice.

Here are two glorious photos:

I was disappointed.

The beef wasn’t tender. It looks perfect for photos. But the beef wasn’t “falling off the bones”. The broth… well. Similarly to my comment about the Filipino dishes. Tasty, yes. But you can get it at Lucky Plaza at half the price.

If this is the signature dish of Leslie’s… I’d look elsewhere. More effort into ensuring the famous Leslie’s Tagaytay bulalo is actually IN Singapore.

Still can’t get over…

Bulalo Special = good for 4-5 people, comes with two cups of rice (TWO CUPS)


I found Leslie’s Restaurant’s Singapore page here: https://www.facebook.com/lesliessg


Bonus Round. What to try nearby?

After dining at Leslie’s Restaurant you can enjoy some icy dessert treats at Liang Seah Street. They have loads of dessert establishments lined up along hot pot options as well. PJ and I enjoyed trying the desserts here.

After enjoying some Filipino food… why not head down to try the icy desserts in Bugis?
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